Commenting On Blogposts

Researching and leaving comments is an easy way to build backlinks. I am constantly learning new things and they trying them out. So why not leave a backlink on every blog post I read?

Commenting for Backlinks

Comment While You Research

In every niche there is a constant need for new content. So I read blogs and ebooks and library books to keep my knowledge current. I take notes of the more interesting stuff I find and also jot down any ideas that come to me.

Since much of my reading is on the internet it is easy to leave an honest comment after I read a blog post. I do use a plugin called “Comment Luv”. This makes it easy to leave comments and it has a free version.

Lets assume I am researching how to get backlinks. I would do a search for backlinks. I would pay attention to Googles attempts to complete my search query and write down the ones that seem to fit my current research.  After each search I go read the posts whose titles appealed to me. I leave a comment when I am done. Then do the next one and so on. In this way I am building backlinks while I do my research.

The ideas and information I accumulate will be the fodder for a future post. So in just 30-45 minutes I have new backlinks and am ready to do a new post.

As you can see this allows you to grow your backlinks constantly. You need to be creating new and unique content and this method does both for you at the same time.

Need backlinks? Begin Building Backlinks One Comment At A Time. 

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